Ode aan een Grande Dame

Yesterday, late evening, I went to see her. I knew it would be sunny earlier on, and she would maybe not want to see me before – she`s flashy that way. I took my daughter with because Nelleke loves listening to new stories and being shown around.

As I sat in her company I knew that she looked so much younger than her years, everything about her so well kept and groomed. She has some signs of the times, but put her on the cover of a glossy mag, and she`ll turn heads for sure.

By her well-formed legs I can see that she loves dancing in the wind – you know, those fancy steps when no one is watching.

Where you come from is key, your roots, she told me… I heard she was born, and grew up here in Wellington. She told me her age. “Sixty this year – you know, it’s the new forty!” I believe her.

Her name is Optenhorst. Vineyard C1, according to our Wine and Spirits Board. She`s single (as in single vineyard unit) and by research done by the Chenin Blanc Association and also by Rosa Kruger, she is one of the oldest.

She`s a striking lady, and I feel honoured to know her…

Volg Corlea’s blog via: http://bosmanwines.co.za/blog/2012/02/ode-to-a-lady/


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